Our business culture

We have a family-oriented business culture at KAS Accounting Solutions. We’re proud of our reputation for developing local talent and recruiting locally, but we welcome any new staff members who share our family and community values.

The top end is a great place to work and raise a family, with its strong sense of community.

KAS Accounting Solutions is also an exciting and professionally rewarding place to work because we’re helping people in not-for-profit organisations and small businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have access to professional accounting services.

Our team partners with our clients to provide our services with understanding and compassion.

We’re a growing business and we’re currently looking to recruit passionate professionals in the following areas:

  • Accountants
  • Middle Managers

We’re also looking for a new partner.

If you think you have what it takes to join our community-oriented ‘family’ at KAS Accounting Solutions, contact us today to find out more or apply!

Our community focus

We’re proud to be an integral part of the Kununurra and Darwin communities. Our staff have strong local ties and extensive experience both living and working in these regions.

We help to strengthen these communities through our personalised accounting services. Being based in the top end ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that people in remote, rural businesses and not-for-profit organisations face. We also have extensive experience in helping our clients to implement strategies and solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our diverse range of clients includes cattle stations, construction businesses, tourism operators and restaurants, ranging from sole traders to large companies. We also have many not-for-profit clients, including child care centres, sports clubs, Indigenous organisations and employment agencies.

Together, we’re helping to build strong community organisations and businesses to benefit everyone that lives and works in Kununurra, Darwin and surrounding areas.

The KAS Experience

“Working in the Kimberley was a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty of the Australian outback, and the skills I developed were far beyond my expectations. The variety of work and people I dealt with at KAS was much greater than what I would have been doing in the city, and was one of the best decisions I ever made”
Sam Gevers. Period Employed – Feb 2014 to July 2017

“As a Graduate Account,  fresh from Perth, I found that moving to the remote township of Kununurra in the East Kimberley was a huge challenge – both personally and professionally.  On a personal level, it is quite tough to move to a small town without knowing a single person, and having to adapt to a completely new environment,  unlike that of the big city in which I had become accustomed to.  Professionally, I started my journey as a graduate accountant starting with the basic day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Working with KAS Accounting Solutions has changed those challenges into an opportunity to develop myself and my career. Under the mentorship of my principals,  Jodie Silvester and Paula Cooney,  I am fortunate with the knowledge I have gained and continue to gain both on a technical level and in relation to the disciplines of bookkeeping and taxation. I have met a diverse range of clients, including indigenous corporations and the local business communities – I have assisted these clients to meet their tax obligations and general day to day business operations – I can proudly say that I am learning from the experts.”
Carlo Soegiarto. Period Employed – Feb 2017 to Present

“Working at KAS has enabled me to gain an exceptional level of professional experience. The ability to have input on projects and provide value added feedback to a range of clients from different industries including both non-for-profit and small business. The opportunity to build strong relationships with our client base and fellow team members from day one along with the access to the CA support/mentored program are a few of the many reasons why I chose the Kununurra Graduate Program."
Jono TuckeyPeriod Employed – July 2017 to Present

Expressions of interest

Please send all resumes and expressions of interest to: